Thank you for making our 18th year a success - we look forward to scaring you again next year!

We invite you to go on a journey with us into the Twisted Forest.

Before the dawn of this country, witches reigned in this forest. That is until 1792 when local villagers rose up to put an end to them and their craft once and for all. But there would be consequences for their persecution…

Two-hundred years later, these cursed woods are a legend among locals. Nearby residents whisper tales of the curious who have entered the forest only to never be seen again. And those who do reemerge share tales of unimaginable horrors and encounters with disfigured, humanoid beasts.

Two wannabe-documentarians have arrived here to explore the fearsome forest for themselves, and hopefully, capture evidence of these creatures. During their exploration, one wanders too far into the woods and is lost. The only evidence of them found is their handheld camcorder. The companion left behind, desperate to find their missing friend, enlists the help of nearby campers to find their partner. But soon, they discover what becomes of those who are lost in the Twisted Forest.